Are Webinars Dead? How to Make a Webinar that Works in 2019

As an acquisition marketer, I hear questions like this all the time: “Is the PDF dead? Is the webinar dead now too? How should we continue generating leads for our sales team while continuing to innovate on the content formats we produce and gate behind a form?” It’s 2018, and the way our prospects and customers find and consume content has certainly changed. While I would love to say that there’s one new, highly optimal content format that all marketers should use for lead generation instead of older formats, I…

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Work From HOME 

This Course Helps Writers Nail the Business Side of Freelancing

Use code THEWRITELIFE for $30 OFF enrollment for this course. I have a confession — I don’t have a knack for organizing a business.  Somehow, I’m obsessively tidy in my daily life (you should see my closets), but when it came time to launch my business, I struggled.  I had to force myself to create Google Sheets to track client research and payments. And set up a separate bank account for business expenses. And figure out how to make an invoice. All of these steps felt like pulling teeth. Yet…

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